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  Manufacturing Process
Manufacturing processes primarily include forging, heat treatment & machining, which are key processes towards adding value to the customer need and basic raw material used. Each manufacturing process is handled by competent process owner of that process delivering best productivity out of the equipment, technology & talent available.
Forging refines the grain structure and improves physical properties of the metal. With proper design, the grain flow can be oriented in the direction of principal stresses encountered in actual use. Grain flow is the direction ofthe pattern that the crystals take during plastic deformation. Physical properties (such as strength, ductility and toughness) are much better in aforging than in the base metal, which has, crystals randomly oriented.


 Heat Treatment
Heat Treatment is a group of manufacturing techniques used to alter the hardness, reduce stresses, increase toughness of the material under heat treatment. The most common application is metallurgical. The techniques include annealing, normalising, case hardening, tempering and quenching
In terms of annual dollars spent, machining is the most important of the manufacturing processes. Machining can be defined as the process of removing material from a workpiece in the form of chips. The term metal cutting is used when the material is metallic. Machining is necessary wheretight tolerances on dimensions and finishes are required.
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